improve your game

build your skills!

South Bay Polo offers many options for beginning, intermediate and advanced player to improve their skills, from riding to hitting and game strategy, we have you covered.

We offer coaching and club chukkers, video swing analysis, fundamentals training at Fast Friday and private lessons where you can tailor your lesson to your specific needs.

Fundamental "Fast" Fridays

Join us Friday mornings for “Fast Friday” where we focus on hitting and riding fundamentals.  Santos and visiting pros will work with a group of players for an hour on specific skills.  This is a great opportunity to work on your penalty shots, hitting at speed, balance and more.  Many of our players regularly attend Fast Friday and find the practice invaluable to their growth as a player.  Lessons normally take place at 9:30AM and 11AM.  The cost is $75.00 for members, not including a horse. Non Members will also be charged the stick and ball fee. South Bay Polo has horses available to rent. Be sure to contact us to let you know you need a horse when you book your lesson.

Chukker Options

We offer many options for chukkers and club play.  Starting in May, our Thursday night club chukkers begin. We start at 5:30PM and average 6-8 chukkers.  You can sign up for to play with a pro in the chukkers. The cost is an additional $75.00 per player per chukker to play in these coaching chukkers.  On Sundays  in June and Saturdays  July – September, we offer club and pro chukkers starting at 11AM. Be sure to check our calendar for more information.


Video Swing Analysis

Learn and see exactly what your swing looks like!  This lesson can be scheduled on the field or in the cage at Horse Park Polo Club in Woodside. In this lesson, our pro will film your swing and discuss your technique.  You then will both watch the video to discuss where changes need to be made in real time. Then you practice the corrections in the same lesson!

You will be sent the video file after the lesson so you can watch your swing dynamics and focus on adjustments you need to make. This is invaluable not only to see your swing, but also your body position and balance. 

The cost for swing analysis is $125.00 per hour, horse not included. Please contact South Bay Polo if you need to rent a horse.  Packages of 5 lessons are also available at a discount.

Private Lessons

Private lessons can also be booked with any of our polo professionals.  In a private lesson,  you can tailor the content on what you want to improve or focus on. Our pros excel at providing targeted instruction and look forward to helping you improve your game.

Private lessons are $150.00 per hour, not included a horse.  Be sure to let your pro know if you need to rent a horse from South Bay Polo or from the pros string.


The video swing analysis is the best way to quickly and efficiently improve your swing. Instant feedback so you see what you are doing wrong, fix it, and practice that new swing immediately.

Keira P.