visiting pros

We love welcoming visiting pros to offer clinics, lessons and opportunities for our members to participate in pro chukkars!

Jared Sheldon - Returning May 6-7, 2023

South Bay Polo looks forward to welcoming back Jared Sheldon for our Spring Clinic. Members had an amazing time with Jared Sheldon who offered a member clinic, tournament play, chukkars and lessons in 2022.  Our members were able to have swing and game analysis as well as riding lessons with Jared who is 4 goals outdoors and a 7 goal indoor player.  Our members took full advantage of Jared’s visit not only participating in the clinic but also took lessons to focus on riding, game play and indoor strategies.   

Jared has turned his love of the sport into his career, including winning the U.S. Arena Open Championships twice, as well as countless tournaments on the grass field all the way up to the 20-goal level. Jared has represented the U.S.A. Polo Team all over the world, including in the Dominic Republic, India, and Australia, and also against England in the Westchester Arena Cup. 

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Pros who visited in 2022:


Rodrigo Salinas

Rodrigo Salinas is a 3 goal pro from Argentina. He has played extensively in Florida and the East coast. He moved to California and now plays in many winter leagues in Indio, CA.

Rodrigo is not only a terrific polo player, but he is also an amazing horseman. He trains many polo ponies each year and will have a few ready to try this weekend.   We look forward to welcoming Rodrigo to South Bay Polo!

Jason Crowder

We look forward to welcoming Jason Crowder for pro chukkars with our members on June 18th at Menlo Polo Club and June 19th at South Bay Polo for our Father’s Day Tournament.  Jason is a 6 goal player who has many significant wins under his belt.  From being on the winning team for  he Skins, Governor’s Cup, Spreckles Cub and Pacific Coast Open on several occasions, he was also voted Most Valuable Player of the Year.

Jason will be visiting this weekend to play 6 chukkars at Menlo on Saturday June 18th and will be playing at South Bay Polo in our Father’s Day Tournament on June 19th.  This will be an amazing opportunity for our players!