polo pony of the month

Just for Fun – A member sponsors a Polo Pony of the Month to celebrate our partners in the game we love!


August 2022 Polo Pony of the Month

In August, South Bay Polo Member Stuart Hunt selected Geronimo as our polo pony of the month.

To be honest, I could have chosen any of his horses but I selected Geronimo mainly because I have played against him more often than not this season.
I wanted to acknowledge what an amazing job Doug has done with his horses. Taking them from green horses at the start of the year, often rescuing them from neglect, and turning them into hard chargers on the polo field. To do this takes a special kind of talent and a great deal of hard work, so kudos to Doug and his awesome string of Paints.

Doug Blumenthal is one of our South Bay Polo Pros.  Doug has purchased several Tobiano Paints this season, turning them into amazing polo ponies and family horses.  These horses have found an amazing home with Doug.


August Polo Pony of the Month


July 2022 Polo Pony of the Month 

In July, South Bay Polo Pro Lee Mullins selected Carmen as our polo pony of the month. 

Lee noticed that Carmen was the whole package.  She elevated all parts of her game. Carmen has the power and acceleration to put her owner, Devyn, in a scoring position. Her soft mouth allows Devyn to smoothly stop and change directions, always putting Devyn in the plays first. 

Carmen’s body conditioning was above others, allowing her to play hard and stay healthy. She’s an athlete and Lee sees her playing very well in the years to come.

Devyn purchased Carmen from South Bay Pro Santos Arriola and their partnership has grown everyday making Devyn and Carmen an amazing team on the field.




June 2022 Polo Pony of the Month 

Apache is a tobiano paint who was rescued by Santos Arriola, a South Bay Pro, in 2020.  Santos found Apache in a pasture standing mud with neglected curving hoofs that were weak from standing for a long periods in a wet pasture.  Santos spent months on the rehab of Apache, slowly trimming his feet and hand walking him until he was sound enough to be ridden.  He spent a winter at Eldorado working on his fitness and learning to be a polo pony.  We are proud to say that Apache is now a healthy, happy polo pony who enjoys his job!  He was recently purchased by Anne Siri and is a club favorite with his beautiful blue eyes.

Doug Blumenthal, one of our South Bay Pro’s, initiated the Polo Pony of the Month to celebrate the important partners in the sport we love.  These ponies may have come from more humble beginnings or are still loving the sport by teaching our newer players to play. 

Doug picked Apache because the club members are all so proud of him coming from a mud pen, unable to walk, to shredding in our fast chukkars against the stronger ponies that play at South Bay.  We are all proud of Apache and so happy he is part of our club.  Apache received German Mint Horse Treats, a jug of Apple Treats and Fly Spray as his Pony of the Month prize!!

Lee Mullins has stepped up to sponsor July – who will he pick?

Apache June 2022